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Shawn Okumura San Jose, CA
NFP Financial Advisor, 2 years

We align the resources that your practice needs.

Jenn Hatch New York, NY
NFP Financial Advisor, 8 years

Enhanced capabilities with a competitive edge.

Scott Tobe Pittsburgh, PA
NFP Financial Advisor, 10 years


NFP Advisor Services is part of NFP, a leader in wealth management, insurance, corporate benefits and retirement plans. Our size and scale enable us to provide our independent financial advisors with top-tier resources in a personalized environment.


Why Change Now?

The investment market is rapidly changing, and so are client expectations. Financial advisors need a partner that will support them in this evolving market.


The NFP Advantage

We give our independent financial advisors opportunities to grow their business through elite membership access as well as an integrated technology and service solution.


Practice Enrichment

Our Practice Enrichment Program is your one-stop resource for business management, finance management, human capital and marketing materials to help you manage your bottom line profitability.


Technology & Service

AdvisorCompleteSM and AdvisorEnterpriseSM integrate comprehensive business management functions with innovative asset management capabilities to optimize efficiency and scalability.


Start Your Transition

With a solid transition strategy, developed with your dedicated transition consultant, you can reconnect with clients, offer new services and drive new business.

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